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Doing nothing and wasting my life...

...is bloody fun.

13 September
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My LiveJournal? If you want to - comment, if you don't - it's all the same. If you feel you know me out there, please don't bother writing. I'm not here to be known, I'm here to have fun and be naughty :D And like, I suppose, many others, I love weird pairings, can write yuri and yaoi shamelessly, though don't read them often. Unless I feel like it. Which is rare.

I am not here often, since, surprisingly, I have something that resembles a life. Or, well, I just don't write entries. Pick the most likely choice :D.

Damn, I don't know what else to write - just talk to me to know more, I guess.

Oh, and I love Kakashi, even if he is a broody whining ass.